Healthy Eating: Get All the Nutrition You Need

Eating a healthy diet is essential for maintaining your desired weight, lowering cholesterol levels, and preventing certain health conditions. To make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs, it's important to make smarter food choices and eat a wide variety of foods. When it comes to portion sizes, it's best to keep them at a reasonable and recommended amount. Eating too much can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

On the other hand, eating too little can also be detrimental to your health, as you won't be getting all the nutrients you need. When looking at food labels, more than 22.5 g of total sugars per 100 g means that the food is high in sugar, while 5 g of total sugars or less per 100 g means that the food is low in sugar. Eating a variety of foods from the five main food groups provides a variety of nutrients to the body, promotes good health, and can help reduce the risk of diseases. However, if these foods regularly replace the more nutritious and healthy foods in the diet, the risk of developing obesity and chronic diseases increases.

It's important to remember that eating the same foods over and over again can lead to nutritional deficiencies. To make sure you're getting all the nutrition you need, it's best to follow a varied and well-balanced diet by eating a variety of foods from each of the five major food groups on a daily basis, in the recommended amounts.